2016-11-20 Songs and Order of Service

1) Come, Now is the time to worship, KEY=D, SEQ=c,v1,c,v2,c (key change)
2) Everlasting God, KEY=A, SEQ=v1,pc,c (repeat)
3) Our God Saves, KEY=C, SEQ=v1,pc,c,v2,pc,c,c
4) Higher Ground
5) Almighty, KEY=C, SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,b,c,c
6) As the Deer, KEY=D, SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,v3
7) He Will Hold Me Fast, KEY=, SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,v3,c
8) I Will Rise, KEY=D, SEQ=v1,pc,c,v2,pc,c,b,b,c
9) Jesus Messiah, KEY=D, SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,b,c

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